What is Leanalign and what aren’t we?

Leanalign is a concierge client focused weight loss protocol. The LaHub is designed as a (3) three session delivery of a set of entirely new awarenesses about food, weight loss, and exercise.

We spend this time disassembling assumptions and replacing the unhelpful ones, with powerful insights to support easy dietary change.

On mastering the Leanalign’s exercise protocol, your fitness procedure will take less then 15 minutes a week.

During our Leanalign sessions, you’re encouraged to ask questions from your Leanalign facilitator. Your Leanalign program is shaped by your current understanding of the issues being discussed. Its particularly true for the areas that interest or concern you the most.

As humans we ask questions, not only for their answers, but to evaluate the information being provided. In this way conversations are transform into an engaged experience, that’s unlike listening to a lecture or an audio book.

Its a subtle point, but it’s ramifications are can be profound. Its the human interaction in the LaHub that’s the emotional core of the program and spiritual centre of our business. Our aim is that it achieves nothing short of your gaining complete control over your weight.

The gifts that flow from this surprisingly simple shift, included you gaining abundant energy, vibrancy, far improved health, as well as not least, gaining a renewed cheerful confidence about future.

Part of our job is to provide answers to satisfy you, and help you see our food environment differently.

At the end of your Leanalign LaHub, our goal is for you to have a realistic, and stress proofed strategy to lose the amount of weight you want to in order for you to regain your metabolically healthy birthright.

The LaHub is designed to be experienced in person. Our facilitator’s role is to carefully walk with you through this program with the highest personal regard for your individual circumstances.

Our aim every day is for you to leave each session thinking ‘the things I learned today were incredible. I enjoyed myself, and felt listened to. I am excited about this.’

Our business is succeeding because people notice our client’s rapidly improved bodies and energy levels, which often prompts them to ask ‘what have you been doing?’

Clients may tell them and their friends often make bookings.

Lean Align is not a business that never meets you, or sends artificial food in the mail with instructions to mix the powder with water, and then replace actual food with the mailed concoction.

We are opposite to that.

While we’re running this ‘negative campaign’, let’s briefly outline some other things we’re not

Lean Align Is NOT

1) About creating dependence. We are not a never-ending Freudian therapist-patient relationship. Certain session bookings are topic focused, but our business revolves around our 3 session Core Program. As described these programs are short term arrangements, because we are

2) A two year gym membership that siphons money every fortnight from your bank whether or not you attend. Likewise we are

3) About promising miracles. To be clear, these recommendations may work so effectively they may feel miraculous. When this happens, it will be due to applied biology. Likewise please be hyper aware Lean Align is

4)A low fat diet. The word lean in the title refers to your body compositional goal- it has zero relationship with our food recommendations. We provide detailed reasons for this; just like we do

5) Recommending that you keep track of calories. Calorie tracking is painful, distracting, unnecessary and demotivating. We recommend tracking better things and easier things. While here it’s worthwhile mentioning we do

6) An organisation that sells food or supplements – especially not processed food from packages or boxes. We provide a detailed list of the kinds of foods to eat, and food to mostly avoid. In the end, simple bright line rules should drive simple choices.

This is because changing habits can be hard, and Leanalign is not.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards


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