Cheat sheets for personal changeBringing together the science and psychology of Leanalign

The LA Notes

Leanalign’s Clients receive LA Notes… forever.

We think this program is the best of its kind. Technology meets the art of human conversation. Client receive undivided attention. We vary in curiosity and resistance points, so all the information isn’t can’t always fit in a session.

Do missing “any bit” of a particular session, really matter?

Yes. The information we provide is important or we wouldn’t provide it. The nature of a conversation based program requires we edit ruthlessly.

So we deal with this challenge in 2 ways…

  1. First, when material isn’t caught in a session, it will preferably appear in the next; and
  2. Second, our Clients receive the LA Notes.

The LA Notes

The LA Notes are the cheat sheet. The Leanalign Protocol are flexible personal conversations but based on science, psychology, history, evolutionary theory and popular and unpopular literature. Scientific references support our more extreme claims. Tricky metabolic ideas and hormonal relationship summaries get provided. When “studies” are mentioned, then the footnotes, citations, academic context, and/or suggestions for further reading will probably be included in the LA Notes.

The bottom line is that our service is ‘bespoke’. This doesn’t merely mean expensive. It means personal. It means flexible information delivery styles. The ideas we try and convey are big and not always intuitive. So even during our best efforts, some detail will be lost – particularly over time.

Our memories are slippery and the LA Notes anchors our program. Detail can be put to one side, so you enjoy each session.

New information, better explanation, improvements, new bio-hacks, and useful tactics are updated with the LA Notes… continues to evolve and your access always available.

Ensuring the LA Note are up-to-date are important because

  1. the material represents the rational basis of our service and business model
  2. it underpins our explanations and tactical advice
  3. it gives flexibility to speak simply and honestly to deliver the bespoke service that you deserve.

Bespoke, in our context, means a program designed for

  • suiting you the most
  • keeping your interest, and
  • helping you.


Diets and exercise are simply not created equal. It’s difficult to obtain the very, best outcomes possible. That’s because the “best” is not the best. Confused? No wonder.

The best diet is probably an Olympic diet. For people who are willing to spend their entire career on getting at the last 1%.

The issue is that this is not where the rest of us live… or even want to be. 

Thankfully getting fast, great results… well, that’s quite an achievable and low bar provided we adopt a judicious approach that mixes tips, tricks, planning and tools.

Our exercise program is a perfect example of this thinking. If Leanalign’s founder hadn’t identified a program this fast, safe and useful then it would not be included. Diet is so far and beyond the importance of exercise to body composition that it would have been preferable to leave the extra time focused on diet (even as you hearing the slaughter of sacred cows!!)

The Body By Science protocol made the grade because of its’ astonishing characteristics of every-day user-effectiveness.

Diet books

Everyone is familiar with normal weight loss approaches. It has worked to help millions lose weight.

But which one?

The strategy of picking a book from the diet book shelf, of course!!!!  They aren’t all bad… but it’s random, isn’t it? Diets aren’t equal either. So this randomness is a bit of a problem. We differ because we teach the principles that underly the best, so you’re not a slave to the detail of the ineffective diets that look equally as good as GREAT diet books in the store shelf.

If you’ve read enough, then press get me lean!


Leanalign’s clients become Leanalign members. Members receive a polished interactive PDF summary of the Leanalign Protocol in their copy of the LA Notes. Leanalign’s clients also get an MP3 recording of 10 tracks that covers topics relevant to the program. Their purpose are to inspire, remind, refocus, clarify and re-use.

Email subscribers receive links to any future cool resources, interactive PDFs on topics related to diet, exercise, health and life. We’re not a “concierge weight-loss consultancy” due to obscene fees. You can find plenty of programs that cost more. Our concierge label refers to the bespoke level of detail you get.

In our less than humble view, Leanalign is an unparalleled weight loss program

Our facilitators don’t explain things you understand or lack interest in. Key to our strategy is passing the fundamentals on in ways that best capture your imagination.

The Protocol’s engagement contours around

  • your interests,
  • your priorities and
  • your queries.