Session 3: the cheap expensive paradox / the enigma of Leanalign

Here’s a snapshot of why the superior strategy is worth the premium…

The Great Gym Lie

You hire a gym trainer invested in never finishing your business relationship. Gym independence is your goal. It is not a professional gym trainer’s goal. (i.e. “Please allow me teach a few things so you never-pay-me to train you again???”)

Gym trainers always go through the dogma of committing to “a minimum of 3 hours per week to see results…” It’s the Great Gym Lie… okay they might believe it, but it’s dogma – it does not even resemble reality.

The Great Gym Lie is why our 3rd session is popular.

The TRUE COST of our third session is CHEAP. Like any economic activity it’s about assessing the costs correctly.

So let’s look at these never-ending gym sessions. Then compare it with our protocol.

Try this experiment
1. Insert your hourly rate at OVERTIME x 3 hrs a week x 4 times for four weeks (conservatively) per month.

Why overtime? Think about it. You are not at the office or working a shift… but you’re working like hell. It should be charged accordingly… Think you’re there? No, you’re not. Throw in another 2 hours per week for travel/changing. Sorry, but it counts.

Finished? No, but let’s stop, because the TRUE opportunity-cost of not being with your family will bum you out.

  • $60 per hour (base rate) X 1.5 (overtime) = $90 (GYM HOURLY BASE RATE)
  • $90 x 3 (sessions per week) x 4 (weeks per month) = $1080
  • Plus (+) 8 hours (change/shower) x GYM BASE RATE = $720 [e.g. you]

$1800 per month.

2. Then add your gym trainer’s hourly charge rate, x 3 hrs a week x 4 times for four weeks (conservatively) per month.

  • That’s what you pay one way or the other, for you to kick your OWN arse each month.
  • Now the Trainer = $60 per hour x 3 x 4 (half is kicked-back to your gym)

$720 (Trainer) per month

$2520 a month for the NON-LEANALIGN PROTOCOL.

[Insert swear words]

Leanalign’s 15 minutes per week exercise protocol gets explained in a single life-changing session that costs $220.


Life Changing.


Oh, yeah. This writer personally increased his leg-press strength from 80kg to 400 kg using the identical protocol.

[That’s a 500% in strength development for the now ruling-the-world, Math Geeks]

So, after going to our 3rd session, our clients

  • visit their gym once a week (not 3)
  • don’t go NEAR a trainer (instead of paying someone to judge them)
  • spend a 1/2 hour a week (not 3 hours a week), so under 17%.
  • enjoy weekly strength gains;
  • experience massive increases in insulin response;
  • learn safe exercise practices to benefit them well into their eighties.

That’s fifteen minutes in actual exercise during each single weekly half-hour visit. Then let’s use our GYM BASE RATE = $90/hr

  • 1/2 hour doing the Body By Science Protocol; and
  • 1/2 hour for the shower/drive x 4 times a month

$360 per month

Mmm, let’s do six months…

  • Leanalign (includes our fee) v Typical Gym Trainer Protocol
  • $2360 v $15,120

Let’s do 3 years – it’s hardly a lifetime is it?

  • $13,160 v $90,720

Over $90k to be tortured for nearly 5 hours a week… 22 straight weeks… Which makes Leanalign, kind of a steal… and, well just rationally better.

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