Philosophy of Leanalign

The philosophy that shapes Leanalign’s approach is captured by the proverb “teach a man to fish, and he will feed a village”.

The beating heart of Leanalign our clients. We believe that lack of success with other weight loss programs, is not your failure. It is unacceptable that industry leading weight loss programs fail in providing programs that work in real world.

Leanalign does not believe that a repeat business weight loss support model is an appropriate business model for our industry. Our business is designed for our clients to be independent from external support as quickly as practical.

Correct principles and easy bright line rules should drive diets. Our diet’s are designed to be simple, effective, and not cause you to feel deprived.

Leanalign’s dietary and exercise strategies focus on metabolic conditioning, and not on caloric restriction.

We don’t think your best interests are served by selling you food every week or low calorie shakes to replace actual food.

You deserve the most effective advice to regaining your health and waistline.

Leanalign ability to help you establish a stress resistant eating and exercise plan is the path to achieving our shared vision: your long-term weight loss and long-term health. Our facilitators do not give advice that they don’t personally live.

We walk the talk. This is similar to how a ‘mystical and non-scientific’ approach such as “one drunk helping another” enables Alcoholic’s Anonymous to help more drunks get sober then medical recommendations. People who’ve already benefitted are best placed to show you how we did it.

Our Leanalign facilitators bring empathy. This we think is what makes the difference between a set of instructions and enjoying a new physical lifestyle. We personally pass on tools and skills with the simple goal for you to lose weight with an ease you never realised was even possible.

Being lean and strong is our genetic birthright. You deserve to maximise your life’s quality.

We hope to meet you soon.

Kind regards


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