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Leanalign Protocol

The Leanalign Protocol consist of only 3 private sessions. It is designed for busy people. Each of our sessions are a mere hour and 15 minutes.

Our sessions are an immersive dialogue & demonstrative experience. We are no cookie-cutter weight loss business. [By the way, have you noticed that weight loss programs normally NEVER END???] 

Our program targets becoming strong and lean through the leverage of our biological, evolutionary & hormonal systems.

1st Session Problems & solutions

If weight is your biggest challenge then prepare to feel in the right place. Your personal history is the beginning and then a broad summary of easy dietings’ “big ideas”.

Large claims require strong evidence, we are not shy about our sources of information. Evolutionary eating (i.e. the paleo diet) and the New Atkins Diets is discussed in depth.  Because this is the “diet session”, we discuss how foods hormonally regulates body fat.

2nd Session Gaining momentum

We check in on your progress, challenges and answer your questions. The biggest failures of normal dieting are outlined to keep us strategically alert. Aptly this is where you get inspirational examples and a suite of tricks, bio-hacks and tactics to break through.

Other topics are reducing our “fat set-points”, “metabolic reconditioning” & “fuel partitioning”. To finish we go through the LA Notes, share terrific third party resources and explain Leanalign’s phone support model.

3rd Session (Optional) “Body by Science demo”

Our final session is the exercise session, but as you’ll see, it’s not a lot. It really is only 15 minute of exercise a week.

People from Sydney visit a commercial gym with a facilitator to undertake the 3rd session.

It Will Blow Your Mind!!!

(International clients / non-Sydney based clients who experience Sessions 1 & 2 only, online, must wait for the 3rd Session DVD. Every Leanalign client receives the LA Notes, with it’s great session 3 detail.)

You deserve up-to-date weight loss advice.

Are you ready for your life to change?

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