If you NEED to get lean… then read this

I’m in your corner. If your goal is to become lean, then please read on. What you want, is what I want for you. We are simpatico, and in very good company. For the first time, two-thirds of society are obese or overweight. Many weight loss methods work. Countless diets work. Terms like good, bad, … Read more

What’s wrong with capitalism?

The happy investor Thanks to my funky new oxogen tank, and Big Pharma dividends, I’m really free to travel … Chasing value investments Broker 1 Take a position in the third world economy. The Oracle from Omaha may not recommend it but his timeless principles prove real returns in the booming socio-global material market. Broker … Read more

Philosophy of Leanalign

The philosophy that shapes Leanalign’s approach is captured by the proverb “teach a man to fish, and he will feed a village”. The beating heart of Leanalign our clients. We believe that lack of success with other weight loss programs, is not your failure. It is unacceptable that industry leading weight loss programs fail in … Read more