If you NEED to get lean… then read this

I’m in your corner. If your goal is to become lean, then please read on. What you want, is what I want for you. We are simpatico, and in very good company.

For the first time, two-thirds of society are obese or overweight.

Many weight loss methods work. Countless diets work. Terms like good, bad, easy, dangerous, safe, strict, boring, complicated, lax, long-term, short-term, hard, dysfunctional, liberating or slavish apply to these multi-cultural, ethnically diverse bracket of average stupidity that we call the diet industry.

The enemy of useful diet advice is “everyone is different.”

May we dare apply a few comparative labels in this PC world? i.e. Bad, meaning slow to work, or literally negative? Like, fatter in 6 months though we followed a dietary prescription to the letter…

So, let’s hold back the semantic horde long enough to make a simple distinction… I want to help one (1) single reader develop the enduring ability to pick the difference between

a bad diet; and

a horrible diet.

That would be awesome.

Low carb

If knowledge is power, then low carb/paleo be a brainy Einstein & physical Arnold mutant. If blood tests and controlled trials prove low carb’s superiority then the end of diet wars might be near…

One could, think that. Don’t though. Believing that shit, will kill you.

Paradoxically we may be at the cusp of a dementia-associated infancy of a new era of human health. The big chill for this news, is that the supporters of the superiority of paleo and low carb are so far from being accepted as public authorities on dietary wisdom. Well, according to the apex of public authority on dietary wisdom.

Then there’s the calorie burning movement with it’s waves sexiness washing over us like so much legal porn complicating things like they’re marriages. So we’re getting drenched with endless montages of sweating, grunting Sharapovas and perennially shirtless, ageless David Beckhams… So, fuck it, “give me a fruit smoothie.”

One of the big sociological barrier for finding a genuine solution to our obesity crisis is the metaphorical (other) David verses Goliath battle silently everywhere.

David is not a great example. Historically, he won. Also he was pretty normal-sized.

No, let’s visualize our David as being a blind, disabled, kind-hearted… monkey.

Goliath can be Goliath. This gigantic monopoly of bad science tightly associated with the powerful industries in the world. Hugely expensive companies dictating the modern real cause of our sky-rocketing rates of diabetes, heart disease and obesity . Exaggerating? Yeah, well marketing is exaggerating. But my point is serious. Big business have everything to lose.

Our Goliath stems from 2 pervasive socio-political forces.

  1. Pharmaceutical companies which sell statins, invasive gastro surgery recovery drugs, weight loss dietary supplements, weight control tablets, dialysis machines, heart pressure tablets, and insulin.


  1. Big Food showing very little interest in selling products not processed to where its’ definition is under constant challenge. It reminds me of a hamburger I left under a car seat one summer… for six weeks. When found it was not food anymore… but something else. It’s colours were all vivid inside that familiar yellow wrapper. It was rock hard. It was about 70% of its original size.

This means that fast food hamburger doesn’t break down as though it was food… i.e. into parts to consumed by small-order life forms… Instead it just hardened like putty. Perhaps it could have been a “cheat meal” for a termite… perhaps.

So the notion these companies will ever undertake the paradigm shift needed to reverse their own business models is unlikely. And also, don’t expect Big Oil to convert to solar power.

  1. None of this will happen.
  2. Ever.
  3. Never.
  4. … Ever.

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