Behavioural and mental changePowering your lean transformation

Behavioural Consultation

Leanalign is a premium consultancy. We pay attention to the role mental processes and behaviours play in shaping dietary outcomes.

Our clients engage Leanalign to experience profound change.

Part of the service we offer is focused on helping people examine their relationship and behaviour to food.

The physical is well known. Clients report diabetes, heart disease, high cholesterol & blood pressure and poor insulin production. Biomarkers like these are visible to medical professionals. They’re surprisingly well understood by many of our clients.

There is less clarity about the behaviours, cues and patterns associated with being overweight.

Behavioral & mental change and re-conditioning

Emotional eating, obsessive compulsive patterns around junk food, destructive self-image, relationship-based eating patters and ‘learned helplessness’ is able to be revealed under the skilled application of testing, questionnaires and therapeutically safe discussion. This data can be the bedrock to apply cutting-edge strategies for challenging our behaviour to food.

For Leanalign’s members who request enhanced program of support are able to access our Provisional Psychologist, Amanda Davis. Our organisation prioritised the engagement of a qualified professional for administering psychological tests and interviewing clients in a therapeutically safe setting. Amanda is also a communications expert leading our organisation’s research to improve the mental and communication elements of our programs.


Social media cannot replace human contact. Text messaging is our dialogue’s impoverished cousin. In our view, empathy is our best measure for effectiveness.