Philosophy of Leanalign

The philosophy that shapes Leanalign’s approach is captured by the proverb “teach a man to fish, and he will feed a village”. The beating heart of Leanalign our clients. We believe that lack of success with other weight loss programs, is not your failure. It is unacceptable that industry leading weight loss programs fail in … Read more

What is Leanalign and what aren’t we?

Leanalign is a concierge client focused weight loss protocol. The LaHub is designed as a (3) three session delivery of a set of entirely new awarenesses about food, weight loss, and exercise. We spend this time disassembling assumptions and replacing the unhelpful ones, with powerful insights to support easy dietary change. On mastering the Leanalign’s … Read more

Safe, effective, simple, and not feeling deprived. 
Criteria to eat by…

Strategic quality determines result quality. Yes, this truism certainly applies to weight loss programs. Provided that your weight loss approach is safe, effective, easy and doesn’t cause you to feel deprived, then guess what? It works fine. Congratulations, and keep doing it. Weight loss programs will either works for you in a meaningful, long term … Read more