10 things to know before booking with Leanalign

1. You are not to blame for your weight.

Being or becoming fat is not an eating disorder and you are not weak willed. Your weight isn’t a sign that you don’t exercise enough. You are fine and your DNA is fine. Our program makes you finer!

2. “I’ve lost weight before, and it’s come back.”

That’s okay. This is the typical weight loss story. Even so, such experiences range from painful and frustrating to devastating.

There are very good reasons for why this happens for most people. The reasons are not that you are are weak willed, lazy, or some other character defect – please see point 1.

We explain these reasons to you. Knowing them empowers you to make better food choices. Understanding the fundamentals of applied biology makes an enormous difference. This sounds fancy, but when we explain it you will see how it isn’t. Don’t worry.

Leanalign explains key ideas and understanding these, is like receiving the keys to a weight loss accelerator running like a V8… Maintaining control your weight with consummate ease.

3. What changes can I expect?

The changes our clients experience when they lose a significant amount weight go very far beyond a changed body or a new pair of jeans. The benefits you can expect are physical, emotional and social.

For example: you’ll feel more in control and confident and the effect is socially contagious. You feel more visible in any room. It’s not a notion of sexiness we’re selling, but its subtle and a very more powerful effect. Energy radiates from personal confidence that arises from achieving we culturally consider very hard.

Sometimes it isn’t subtle. Blunt people will say things like “god, you’re looking good!”

Evolutionarily, it’s a fact that your genetic potential will begin to be reached. Potential mates are going to sense a good genetic match… and okay, very good things have been reported due this effect, but the more basic benefits are able to be check listed.


  • Your blood pressure drops.
  • Your triglycerides drop.
  • Your HDL (good cholesterol) increases.
  • Your small dense LDL (bad cholesterol) decreases.
  • Your risk factors for metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, dementia, and many cancers decrease.
  • Your sex drive increases.


  • Your visual vitality improves.
  • Your waistline shrinks.
  • Old clothes fit or new clothes are required.
  • You see your reflection, and think damn!

4. Does this eating program require counting calories?

No. Counting calories is demotivating. We discuss calories, but fundamentally this is to shatter the insidious and destructive weight-loss myth that “a calorie is a calorie”. Discussing food energy can be useful in certain, limited contexts. It’s useful to demonstrate certain nutritional points or why exercise aren’t created equal.

5. I have to be hungry though right?

No. You will not feel hungry. Feeling hungry is the biggest cause that sabotages weight loss. People lose weight through fasting (ie. cutting calories) and Leanalign focuses on food quality.

Human hormonal regulation controls fat gain or loss, not caloric intake or caloric output.

6. You don’t get something for nothing? What is the catch?

The first week is a bit challenging. It’s not likely to affect work performance or cause poor behaviour. It’s a radically different strategy of eating and this involves using mental energy because you’re practicing something new.

The great news is how fast this gets easy, and how motivating these fast results are moving forward.

Don’t forget Leanalign is a hand-on support for this little effect, and many other ways people often benefit from a little extra support.

7. Does your diet involve cheat days or cheat meals?

This is up to you. For many people, yes. A blended carbohydrate-restricted diet is generally the best option for most people. Deliberate and scheduled dietary breaks appear helpful for sustaining a new kind of diet as well as new physical momentum.

Its important to realise that we work together to settle on a plan you feel confident about. On body re-composition goals, major questions include:

  1. “Am I feeling I can do this, not only today, but next week as well?”
  2. And “If my ‘first choice’ diet gets too hard, do I have options for a second and third choice if I need it?”

8. Is this similar to Atkins? I’ve heard that’s bad.

It is similar – our approach restricts carbohydrates (sugars and starch).

We are upfront about not agreeing with the popular and gradually discredited view, that the Atkins diet was bad. Between the 1970s until the mid-1990s, animal fats were being demonised the Atkins diet received enormous negative press.

Since then, the science has largely vindicated Dr. Atkins. Well funded and controlled double-blind clinical studies conducted at prestigious medical universities comparing popular diets from the past 15 years have dominantly illustrated that low carbohydrate diets improve

  • weight loss, and
  • brings dramatic improvements to dieters’ overall bio-health markers.

Leanalign explains this evidence, and let’s you look at the evidence in detail after the sessions. Many clients require scientific assurance to change their dietary habits. The dominant view in recent history was that diets such as Atkins or Paleo, caused heart disease requires plenty of support to refute our client’s minds.

9. Okay so Leanalign Protocol consists of 3 sessions – each one (1) hour and fifteen (15) minutes long. So how fast can I be done?

It depends on you and on your time demands. Session are arranged like any appointment with any professional. Subject to vacancies you can accompish the Leanalign Protocol in a single day.

Most people choose a 1 or 2 week window. Feedback after a week is valuable as you road test a new way of eating and moving.

10. AU$990 (including GST) seems expensive…

It is – it’s similar to gym memberships or paying for 4 hours of mechanical labor on your car or it’s registration costs.

We think that this money will be one of the best financial decisions you’ll make because:

  1. our information is going to save many hours of research;
  2. it will provide you lazer focus on the few really important things which make the lion’s share of difference when it comes to weight loss;
  3. we provide a roadmap for moving to your body’s genetic potential;
  4. losing weight and gaining strength improves confidence, sleep and work performance;
  5. losing weight, is likely to inhibit the growth of diseases strongly associated with metabolic damage; and
  6. the quality of your life will improve in ways, now difficult to imagine, and sometimes you need to ‘bite the bullet’ to get to the other side.

Your car is going to deteriorate in the next five (5) years.

The small, incremental effective changes Leanalign advocates means that your body might effectively reverse it’s biological age over this same period.

Aside from dropping dress or pants sizes you are going to build lean muscle mass and enjoy fat melting. It’s the most effective cosmetic surgery someone can have. In addition, the long-term benefits of weight loss are hardly superficial.

It might begins that way, but changes. A client said

“there’s a strange invisibility I was feeling that’s disappeared, and I’m so grateful.”

Another said

“You know when you see pictures of a famous actor and their brother? They look almost the same, except one got all the good parts? Now I feel like the movie star, and that’s amazing.”

What you learn in taking our Leanalign Protocol brings the potential for your next five (5) years to become your healthiest.

And finally AUD$990 is it. We over-deliver to disappear from your life. We aren’t looking at ongoing “relationships” (meaning – ‘on-going financial commitment’!). We position ourselves in deliberate contrast to your

  • gym,
  • doctor,
  • supermarket; or
  • weight loss businesses having ‘special diet-food contracts’.

Leanalign grows because clients tell their friends, families and colleagues. Quality results and word-by-mouth referrals is our commercial lifeblood. Book here, if you’re looking for some of what we’re selling!

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