What if you could change everything?3 sessions to transformation with Leanalign

Our value proposition

It’s expensive to be heavier for longer than necessary.

Health is our greatest asset. Everyone who’s ever been heavy has experienced the eroding confidence as the result of their weight. Even banal mental chatter during seat-squeezing plane trips accumulate.

These injuries get expensive.

$880 isn’t nearly as expensive when gastric-band surgery is getting floated. Or when undressing in the dark. Or squinting at our reflection has become a reflex. Solutions are the stuff of angels, so When next spending $880 to fix your car… just pause and ask yourself how much do YOU feel worth?

The Leanalign Protocol helps our clients side-step years of misery. Through our exclusive attention our clients enjoy explosive strength gains. They make minor diet corrections to obtain profound benefits. Food replacement packets and best wishes are not enough.

So if you’re ready, press get me lean.

3 hours total

Yes, it really does only take about 3 hours.

3 months phone support

Ongoing help to nip any problems in the bud.

1 on 1 conversations

Confidential, reassuring and focused on you.

Balance means being differentLeanalign and your commitment to you

Effective / fast

Life is short…

and the Leanalign Protocol is finished in 3 hours & 45 minutes.


Session 1: Saturday @ 11am – 12noon
Session 2: Saturday @ 1pm -2pm
Session 3: Sunday (following day) at 12noon to 1pm and then, Done!

Simple, expensive, short and brutally effective.

Wait, expensive?

Yes. But what is more rational or self-caring than spending money on a concierge weight loss program, when

  • you feel out of shape
  • your blood sugar becomes more difficult to control
  • your waistline and blood pressure are fighting for your doctor’s attention and
  • your wardrobe reflects frustration, but not your personal style…

We are Leanalign!

Who we are?

The founder is a corporate lawyer who has a passion for weight loss, writing subversive material (over at “Julian’s Blog”), the research exposing sugar as a major driver of modern disease and the bio-hacker and paleo / low-carb movements. Working with a provisionally registered psychologist and communications expert, Ms Amanda Davis, he founded Leanalign especially for busy people who were tired of random weight loss approaches…

  • Scientifically sound
  • Psychologically researched
  • Innovative
  • Effective